About Us

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love:mini is the brainchild of me, Craig McBeth - entrepreneur, journalist and former Production Editor at Mini Magazine.

With over 20 years of magazine production experience I became disillusioned with the corporate lack of real interest in the scene and stagnant, repetitive content in magazines - and so I set about starting love:mini.

As a Mini enthusiast, and classic Mini owner myself, I realised people wanted more than could be offered by templated and cost-restrictive printed publications.

With the classic Mini scene in decline, since the end of production in 2000, it is clear that the only way to ensure that the scene, its history and familiarity survives, is to embrace the revival of the brand and the MINI.

It's no secret that there is some animosity from the classic Mini scene towards the MINI under BMW ownership, and it's true that in the early days BMW and MINI were heavy-handed in their treatment towards the classic Mini scene. However, times have changed, as has management and perspectives, and through my own contact with MINI, I know that the people there have been going to extreme lengths (and have been for a few years now) to make reparations and help support clubs and enthusiasts in both the classic Mini and MINI scenes.

love:mini is a free, digital magazine, and the first magazine to be produced for both the classic and new MINI communities. With help from enthusiasts (like you) around the world, we are able to produce a fresh and dynamic publication to inform, educate, entertain - and put the fun back into Mini'ing.

Obviously we are in the early stages of love:mini, but over time, and with your help, we can make it bigger better. If you want to help, contribute, or just comment, please, get in touch - we're all in the scene together.

We hope you like what we've done so far, here's to the future of the Mini.

    Craig McBeth