Hey, we have running costs too...  :-)                                                                                                                              

If you are interested in discussing advertising in love:mini, please Contact us or phone Craig on 07599343114

Why advertise with us?

While we are generally a free enterprise, we do have running costs and expenditure that needs to be covered so that we can continue making love:mini. Our aim, as enthusiasts ourselves, is to help the scene thrive, and our philosophy is that content should be free, meaning that it is accessible to a much larger audience than 'paid for' content.

What we offer

MORE Readers
The number of Mini enthusiasts reading printed publications is on the decline. FACT. And more and more are becoming reluctant to spend over £4 for the same sort of content every month - just check the many forum threads.

As a free publication we have immediately removed a big barrier that prevents people reading a 'paid for' magazine/website.

We believe content should be accessible to all, and be free - thus increasing the readership, and allowing the community to thrive - and that advertising should cover our (lower) running costs.

WIDER distribution
Because love:mini is a digital publication, it can be read, sent to or downloaded by anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world - all for free! As you can imagine, there are lots of Minis in far flung places, and for classic Mini owners especially, access to spares can be severely limited.

In contrast, it can take printed publications months to arrive overseas (from the UK) to a very limited number of outlets. Once there the additional shipping cost and currency exchange has made the final product price extortionate to the consumer.

love:mini is instantaneously accessible to everyone, and it doesn't cost the reader a thing.

LOWER costs
Having worked in the media industry for many years we know how difficult it can be for retailers/vendors to justify spending money on advertising that a) cannot be monitored and b) costs a fair bit.

Using the wizardry that is computers and the internet, we can use interactive links within the magazine and website to help monitor traffic sent your way. And because our costs are lower (no expensive printing or distribution costs) we can offer cheaper advertising and in many dynamic forms.

Benefits to you

MORE potential customers
With a wider reach than printed publications, and with no cover price, we can reach a much larger audience.

love:mini is the only magazine to cater for both classic Mini and MINI owners. That in itself will appeal to thousands of classic owners, and god knows how many MINI owners, but with many MINI owners also discovering the classic Mini, and many Mini owners upgrading to the more comfortable and family-friendly MINI, advertising with us covers the full spectrum of enthusiasts who are slowly becoming more integrated.

The more people who read the magazine the more chance you have of finding people who want your products/services - it really is a numbers game.

For manufacturers of specialist products, this offers a very cost effective way of reaching a whole new audience that has no access to the printed publications.

Whether you're a local company or an international brand we are the right choice for you. Because love:mini is free we expect reader numbers to be more than those of printed publications in all parts of the world - from local UK areas, to remote global regions.
SAVE money
This one is simple. Our lower running costs mean we can afford to offer you cheaper advertising. So it's a double-bonus really - a wider reach to advertise to and for a cheaper price.

DYNAMIC ways to communicate
Being a digital publication we can offer unique ways to communicate and interact with your readers that printed publications cannot. From click-through links to animated banners and instant time-related adverts and offers.

If you are interested in discussing advertising in love:mini, please Contact us