Austin Se7en Van (1960-61)
Austin Minivan (1962-69)
Morris Minivan (1960-69)
Minivan (1969-78)
Mini 95 (1979-83)

The Minivan was the workhorse of the Mini family and was especially popular because it was cheap, not being subject to purchase tax. It was used in fleets for many utility companies and was also converted to carry extra passengers in the back. Nowadays they are pretty rare and this makes them rather expensive to buy.


Production dates 1960-1983
Price at launch £360
Total Production Austin/Morris Minivan: 344,249 (Austin 174,000; Morris 169,250); Minivan 850: 94,899, Minivan 1000: 82,356
Chassis numbers AAV7 12101 (Austin), MAV4 12601 (Morris)


Van 850 (1960-1983) Van 1000 (from 1967-1983)
Engine 848cc four-cylinder OHV, single SU carb 998cc four-cylinder OHV, single SU carb
Engine designation 8MB 9WR, 99H
Bore/stroke 62.94x68.26mm 64.59x76.2mm
Compression ratio 8.3:1

Power output 33bhp @ 5300rpm 38bhp @ 5250rpm
Torque 44lb.ft @ 2900rpm 52lb.ft @ 2700rpm

Transmission Four-speed manual
Final drive 3.765 3.44
Brakes Drums all-round
Suspension Rubber cone
Wheels 3.5x10-inches pressed steel
Wheelbase 84.25-inches
Length 129.875-inches
Width 55.5-inches
Height 54.5-inches
Tyres 5.20x10 Dunlop C41 cross-ply (radial-ply from 1976)

Maximum Speed 75mph
0-60mph 30secs
Average fuel consumption 40mpg