Mini Pick-up

Austin Se7en Pick-up (1961)
Austin Mini Pick-up (1961-69)
Morris Mini Pick-up (1961-69)
Mini Pick-up (1969-83)

The Pick-up was the second commercial vehicle and was practically a Minivan with the roof cut off. It wasn't as popular as the van, and in later years the 850cc version was discontinued as the 1-litre version took the majority of sales.

Production dates 1961-1983
Price at launch £360
Total Production Austin/Morris Mini Pick-up: 30,652 (Austin 18,000; Morris 12,500); Mini Pickup 850: 12,130, Mini Pick-up 1000: 15,397
Chassis numbers AAU7 87551 (Austin), MAU4 91551 (Morris)


Pick-up 850 (1961-1980) Pick-up 1000 (from 1967-1983)
Engine 848cc four-cylinder OHV, single SU carb 998cc four-cylinder OHV, single SU carb
Engine designation 8MB 9WR, 99H
Bore/stroke 62.94x68.26mm 64.59x76.2mm
Compression ratio 8.3:1

Power output 33bhp @ 5300rpm 38bhp @ 5250rpm
Torque 44lb.ft @ 2900rpm 52lb.ft @ 2700rpm

Transmission Four-speed manual
Final drive 3.765 3.44
Brakes Drums all-round
Suspension Rubber cone
Wheels 3.5x10-inches pressed steel
Wheelbase 84.25-inches
Length 130.2-inches
Width 55.5-inches
Height 53.5-inches
Tyres 5.20x10 Dunlop C41 cross-ply (radial-ply from 1976)

Maximum Speed 75mph
0-60mph 30secs
Average fuel consumption 40mpg