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Mini Advantage (1987)
Mini Masters (Germany)

The Advantage was another of the Limited Edition Minis launched during the 1980s. To coincide with the summer tennis season of 1987 the Advantage was first released in France in time for the French Open in May, and later in Britain just before Wimbledon. It was based on the City E models with just cosmetic changes.

Production dates 1987
Price at launch £4,286
Total Production 4675
Chassis numbers

Engine 998cc four-cylinder OHV
Engine designation A+
Bore/stroke 64.59 x 76.20mm
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Power output 40bhp @ 5000rpm
Torque 50lb.ft @ 2500rpm
Transmission Four-speed manual only
Final drive 2.95
Brakes 8.4-inch front discs, rear drums
Suspension Rubber cones
Wheels 12x3.5-inch with Diamond White wheeltrims
Wheelbase 80.2-inches
Length 120.25-inches
Width 55-inches
Height 53-inches
Tyres Dunlop LRR 145 SR-12

Notable features: 
Diamond White wheeltrims. Advantage side and rear decals. Passenger side door mirror. Tinted glass. Hinged rear quarterlights windows. Flint Grey and Jade Green criss-cross upholstery. Green tennis balls on front seats. Triple instrument binnacle (from Mayfair)