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Mini Ritz (1985)

Another annual special Limited Edition Mini, which by now we know was used as a marketing ploy to 'spruce up' the car with a few colour-co-ordinated touches and some decals.

Production dates 1985
Price at launch £3798
Total Production 2000 UK  1725 Export
Chassis numbers -

Engine 998cc four-cylinder OHV, single SU carb
Engine designation A+
Bore/stroke 64.59x76.2mm
Compression ratio 10.3:1

Power output 40bhp @ 5000rpm
Torque 50lb.ft @ 2500rpm

Transmission Four-speed manual
Final drive 2.95
Brakes Front 8.4-inch discs, rear drums
Suspension Rubber cones
Wheels 4x12
Wheelbase 80.2-inches
Length 120.25-inches
Width 55.5-inches
Height 53-inches
Tyres Dunlop 145 SR-12
Colours Silver Leaf only

Maximum Speed 82mph
0-60mph 17.5secs
Average fuel consumption 40mpg


Ritz motif on boot and rear quarters

Nimbus Grey grille, wheelarches, drip rail and single door mirror

Chrome bumper, handles and exhaust

Claret red/Prussian Blue/Osprey Grey velvet seats 

Prussian Blue fascia, seatbelts, carpets and doorbins

Ritz logo on seats and steering wheel