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1275GT (1969-80)

Mini 1275 GT (1969-80)

The 1275 GT was launched to replace the Cooper model so that the company didn't have to pay royalties to John Cooper of £1 per car. It was phased out in 1980 to make way for the Mini Metro.

Production dates 1969-80
Price at launch £834
Total Production 110,673
Chassis numbers x/AD2 107 to XE2D200 744571

Engine 1275cc four-cylinder OHV
Engine designation 12H
Bore/stroke 70.64 x 81.33mm
Compression ratio 8.3:1 (low compression)

8.8:1 (high compression)
Power output 59bhp @ 5300rpm

54bhp from 1964
Torque 65lb.ft @ 2550rpm
Transmission Four-speed manual only
Final drive 3.65

3.44 from 1970
Brakes 7.5-inch Mini Cooper S front discs, rear drums

8.4-inch front discs, rear drums from 1974
Suspension Hydrolastic until 1971

Rubber cones from 1971
Wheels 10x4.5-inch alloy

12x4.5-inch from 1974

310mm Dunlop Denovo from 1977
Wheelbase 80.2-inches
Length 124.6-inches
Width 55.5-inches
Height 53-inches
Tyres Dunlop 145-10

Dunlop SP 145/70-12 from 1974

Dunlop Denovo 155/65SR-310 run-flat from 1977

Notable features:  The first Mini to include a rev counter

Leather-bound steering wheel with 1275 GT boss

Originally the 1275 GT grille had only the top and bottom bars chromed

Optional extras: Laminated windscreen

Denovo wheels and tyres from 1974 (standard from 1977)

Rake adjustable front seats (until 1975)

Heated rear window (until 1974)

Wheeltrims (until 1976)

Rear bumper over-riders (until 1971)

Radial tyres (until 1973)

Steering column lock

Metallic paint (from 1977)